Reasons to join N1 Trading

Keeping the customer at the center helps us produce the best possible customer experience.

Develop our product

Want to drive your own business ventures from within ECEMENT? Bring your entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset to our team.

Have the freedom to make a difference, every day.

Grow our business

Can you keep us on track? It’s clear thinkers like you that secure our business and push the industry forward.

Execute the most serious of missions: assistance in the transparent procurement of building materials


Care of customer

We constantly strive to improve and innovate. What you and your team input translates quickly into business impact.

Nurture and grow our relationships with clients and delivering exceptional performance and service.

High Potential

At N1 Trading , we hire the best minds in technology to innovate, build and break things for the benefit of our customers.

N1 Trading believes in young talent, and our graduate program welcomes the next generation of experts.

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Job Title

updated on 24.11.2017



Work Experience

10 years in a similar industry preferred


Responsible for verifying that the product conforms to quality control specifications

Karlsruhe / Heidelberg

at least 3-5 years of experience in a relevant field

You will build up project plans including work streams, timelines and main milestones.  You will identify required contributors and ensure progress on work streams and facilitate resolution of roadblocks.